2030 PIE IX


The Building

The 2030 Pie IX, also known as the 2065 Jeanne d'Arc, is a converted office building in Montreal, Quebec, Canada originally built in 1901. The American Can Company, a manufacturer of tin cans, acquired the building in 1917 and the new owners developed it into an operations center that also became the largest employer in Montreal at the time.

The building was conceived as a reinforced concrete structure, an innovative technique of the early 20th century. The building's design incorporates distinctively large concrete pilasters, multiple-paned windows arched at the top that allow an exceptional natural light, and large, open interior spaces with numerous mushroom-shaped pillars.

Today, this building offers a variety of office space solutions available for immediate lease. Additional building features include an indoor parking garage and a coffee shop.

The building is owned by Time Equities, Inc., a full service real estate firm actively involved in the acquisition, development, conversion and management of commercial (office, retail, industrial) and residential properties throughout the US, Canada and Germany. To view the TEI master site, please click here.

Jeanne D'Arc Jeanne D'Arc Jeanne D'Arc